In December of 2014, Michael Leib was sitting around the fire with family and friends talking about the 2015 racing season and what was needed to raise the appropriate money to go racing. There was a Nascar race finishing on TV and they quickly noticed something when Kyle Busch stepped out of his car; you didn’t see who made his driver suit, but see his title sponsor as the large focal point on his chest. Boom, light bulb… they raised over $30,000 dollars in just 3 short weeks leading up to Michael’s injury in the 4th round at the Oakland Supercross.

While in the hospital awaiting surgery, Michael received an email from Radikal Racing in Argentina that mentioned selling custom gear. After their discussion and 3 short weeks later, Michael had his business plan complete and was in full focus starting a gear company that allows you to choose your own logos and Brand Yourself; Canvas MX.

With growth of the company on his mind, Michael partnered with professional BMX rider Matt Cordova and former FMX rider Chuck Carothers. And talk about growth, Canvas MX started with adding a few logos to blank Motocross jerseys and has now developed into allowing users to custom design a full set of Motocross jersey and pants; Mountain Bike jersey; Cycling jersey and bib; pit shirt and jacket; plus duffle bag.

Unlike all other gear companies, we believe that your largest sponsor should get the most exposure and that is why we don’t require our logo to be the prominent branding on your gear. Build your brand and Brand Yourself!