When Tom Parsons gets an idea in his head, he is very adamant about making it come to reality. Well in this case, it was a day trip up to Wyvern Ranch. With a couple of weeks of talking, and persuading of getting the “Boss Man” (Michael Leib) to take a sick day from desk work. The van and truck were loaded up and ready for nothing but good times with Tom Parsons, Michael Leib, our photographer Matt Cordova, and good buddy and filmer Jacob Johnson (33 Films).

With the substantial amount of rain California got this winter, the ranch was over grown and needed a little bit of work. But hey, No Dig No Ride is what they say right? Prep job being done, and golden hour upon us. Our afternoon was set to be epic. To say the least, the boys did not let us down. With big whips and unreal amounts of steaze, it was quite the treat to watch. Take a look what madness went down

Photos by: Matt Cordova

Video by: Jacob Johnson (Thirty3films)