6 New Designs

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We have added 6 new custom motocross jersey design templates! Everyone has different taste and a different style, and so do our designs.

Pick your favorite design and then you can change the colors, add your logos, and name & number.

Define your style!

Jagged Design Custom Jersey

Zebra Custom Jersey

Custom Jersey Design Twelve Custom Jersey Design Eleven Bumble Bee Custom JerseyBaseball Design Custom Jersey

Retro Jerseys!

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Retro Jerseys!

We now have some old school vintage jersey designs online for you to customize. You can change the colors, add your logos, name, and number to make these vintage jerseys come back to life.

If you have ideas of other jerseys you’d like to see online, feel free to let us know.

Whip off at Monster Energy Cup

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The year coming to an end that only meant one thing, the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada was upon us. With last years Best Whip winner Tom Parsons on the injured list and asked to judge, we knew this year was going to be one for the books. Kris Foster, Vicki Golden, and new recruit Derek Beckering all mixed into a lineup of heavy hitters.



This year the format was a little different. Qualifying was outside on the pavement and semis along with finals were inside under the stadium lights. Qualifying went off as everyone went absolutely huge. Kris qualifying 3rd, Derek in 6th, and Vicki just below the qualifying spot. As the sun was dropping, stadium lights clicking on, and racing taking place. It was time for the semi-qualifiers to take place. Kris and Derek both went off throwing huge seat bounce whips and turn downs. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough, both barely missed making it into top three and into the finals. This event seems to be getting better and better each year. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. Click photos to go big!




New Custom MX Designs!

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We just released 3 full kit custom MX designs that are ready for you to customize in our state-of-the-art 3D designer with your own logos, name, and number: The Concept, Blitz, and React!

Blitz Custom Motocross Gear


React Custom Motocross Gear


The Boys and Wyvern Ranch

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When Tom Parsons gets an idea in his head, he is very adamant about making it come to reality. Well in this case, it was a day trip up to Wyvern Ranch. With a couple of weeks of talking, and persuading of getting the “Boss Man” (Michael Leib) to take a sick day from desk work. The van and truck were loaded up and ready for nothing but good times with Tom Parsons, Michael Leib, our photographer Matt Cordova, and good buddy and filmer Jacob Johnson (33 Films).

With the substantial amount of rain California got this winter, the ranch was over grown and needed a little bit of work. But hey, No Dig No Ride is what they say right? Prep job being done, and golden hour upon us. Our afternoon was set to be epic. To say the least, the boys did not let us down. With big whips and unreal amounts of steaze, it was quite the treat to watch. Take a look what madness went down

Photos by: Matt Cordova

Video by: Jacob Johnson (Thirty3films)

Daytona RC SX

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Road to Mammoth Round 1

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The boys were out in full force this weekend for the first round of the Road to Mammoth at Glen Helen Raceway. Austin Walton (#500),   Oliver Bonner (#823), and Caleb Stephens (#66)  showed great speed. Leaving everything they had on the track like true warriors do. Catch these guys at round 2, February 19th at LACR.


For more info on the Road to Mammoth check out their site..