Dune Daze

Being able to watch someone in their natural element, knowing that their confidence is high in anything they do, is always such a treat. Needless to say free riding is Tom Parsons’ element, and they both go hand in hand together. This day trip to the infamous Glamis dunes was as spontaneous as it gets. Late night conversations and lots of Mountain Dew were the spark to this trips fire. With Tom’s van pack to the gills we set off on a late night excursion to Brawley California, where we would rest our heads that night. With an early morning wake up call, the dunes were waiting for us. Meeting up with good buddy Brody Wilson and his Dad the day was set to be an unforgettable one. Watching Tom and Brody feed off each other was unreal, and they started to go off as the sun was setting. 




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Road to Mammoth Round 1

The boys were out in full force this weekend for the first round of the Road to Mammoth at Glen Helen Raceway. Austin Walton (#500),   Oliver Bonner (#823), and Caleb Stephens (#66)  showed great speed. Leaving everything they had on the track like true warriors do. Catch these guys at round 2, February 19th at LACR.


For more info on the Road to Mammoth check out their site..




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The “Boss Man” Update

Transworld Motocross recently caught up with the “Boss Man” Michael Leib at Supercross to see what he’s been up to. Leib has been off the bike since having intensive surgery on his foot in June. We are looking forward to seeing him back to riding and mixing it up with the top contenders of our sport. Check out the interview and see what Michael has been doing to keep himself occupied on his down time.



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