Need some help or just want to tell us how much you love our gear?

Before you reach out to us, please know that –

Most Masks will arrive in 8-12 days, Jerseys will arrive in 2-3 weeks, Pants will take 5-6 weeks. We are always working as fast as we can to deliver your purchases early. Rarely, but sometimes, it may take a day or two longer. Giving you an exact date for delivery is very hard as there are many factors that can change the date up until you receive the package.


We do not update tracking through the manufacturing process. Your order may say “Patterns Generated” and does not change for a week. Don’t worry, we have your order and are working on it. You will receive tracking when your order has shipped.


If you did not receive an order confirmation, please check your spam or junk mail 


Now that you have read the most common questions and you have something else, email us at

Email is the best way to get an answer as Michael and Chuck both receive emails to We also are having trouble receiving all calls and voicemails from our phone service. The best way to talk is to email us and leave your phone number asking for a call back. If you want to try, call us +1 (951) 339-2122.

Thank you for choosing to do business with Canvas MX!