Due to the horrible circumstances that the world is facing, we at Canvas MX pushed to quickly start producing Custom Face Masks. Made in the USA, we have the ability to manufacture large quantities in short time. Since April 2020, we have made-to-order over 80,000 custom face masks for large companies and individuals. Help protect yourself and your employees, order your face masks today.

Custom Face Mask

Custom Face Masks – 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Antimicrobial all over printed premium face masks. Washable and reusable. 1 Size – Adult. No MOQ, fast delivery and 100% Made in the U.S.A.

While we use an antimicrobial treated polyester/spandex that has has been tested to kill bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi, it has not been tested to kill the current coronavirus. These masks are not intended for use as a replacement of a certified medical device. They are made to create a simple physical barrier to help contain sneezes and coughs. Please remember social distancing is still needed and that any mask out there is not a guarantee, they just help lower the risk of infection.

During this time we are not looking to profit, but to help those in need and keep our manufacturing employees at work.

Quantity Price Per Mask Estimated Lead Time
1 – 49 $12.00 6 – 8 days
50 – 499 $9.00 6 – 8 days
500 – 999 $7.50 6 – 8 days
1000 – 9,999 $6.50 6 – 10 days
10,000 – 25,000 $6.00 15 – 20 days

Choose a mask below or create your own design and/or upload your own logo to make a custom face mask.

Please be aware that all of our masks are made once the order has been placed. A blank mask does not arrive faster than a custom designed mask. If you have any questions, please email us at info@canvasmx.com.

To design your own using Adobe Illustrator, first download our Face Mask Template and then upload your design on a blank mask below.

Design Your Own Face Mask
Design Your Own Face Mask
90s Design Face Mask
90s Grunge Face Mask
Abstract Face Mask
Abstract Stripes Face Mask_1
Girl in Stripes Face Mask
Abstract Stripes Face Mask_2
Cyan-Black Striped Face Mask
B&W Cheetah Face Mask
Dalmation Face Mask
B&W Girafe Face Mask
Color Splash Face Mask
Colorful Geometric Face Mask
Disco Op Art Face Mask
Houndstooth Tweed Face Mask_1
Houndstooth Tweed Face Mask_2
Leopard-Colors Face Mask
Paint Stroke Flowers Face Mask
Zebra Painted Face Mask
Puzzled Face Mask
Seamless Design Face Mask_1
Zipped Up Face Mask
Skulls and Crosses Face Mask
Skull and Bones Face Mask_1
Skull and Bones Face Mask_2
Skull and Bones Face Mask_3
Plaid Face Mask_1
Plaid Face Mask_2
Plaid Face Mask_3
Plaid Face Mask_4
Plaid Face Mask_5
Plaid Face Mask_6
Plaid Face Mask_7
Plaid Face Mask_8
Plaid Face Mask_9
Plaid Face Mask_10
Plaid Face Mask_11
Plaid Face Mask_12
Plaid Face Mask_13
Plaid Face Mask_14
Plaid Face Mask_15
Plaid Face Mask_16
Plaid Face Mask_17
Plaid Face Mask_18
Plaid Face Mask_19
Plaid Face Mask_20
Plaid Face Mask_21
Plaid Face Mask_22
Plaid Face Mask_23
Plaid Face Mask_24
Plaid Face Mask_25
Plaid Face Mask_26
Girls Flowers 1 Face Mask
Girls Pattern 1 Face Mask
Hearts 1 Face Mask
Hearts 2 Face Mask
Lady Bug Flower Face Mask
Urban Custom Face Mask
Modern Design Face Mask
Floral Skulls Custom Face Mask
Halftone Custom Face Mask
Paint Mix Custom Face Mask
Gray Swirl Custom Face Mask
90s Brush Custom Face Mask
Tie Dye Custom Face Mask
American Flag Face Mask
America Face Mask
Lightning Face Mask
Helmet Face Mask Designs
Checkered Face Mask
Big Smile Face Mask
Springtime Face Mask
Dark Floral Face Mask
Floral Peace Face Mask
Skull n Crossbones Face Mask
Starburst Face Mask