Our AirFit MX pant is proudly Made in USA. Being made in the USA, we wanted to ensure that the quality met the standards of the label. We have developed this pant using a four way stretch material that maximizes the comfort and flexibility unlike any other MX Pants on the market today. This pant is extremely lightweight, breathable, and fully customizable!

After ordered, your AirFit MX Pants will arrive in 2-3 weeks. We do not update tracking through the manufacturing process, but you will receive tracking when your order has shipped.

Unless asked by the company, we will NOT print any other apparel brand logos, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Rockstar or GoPro!

Please read the FAQ/HOW TO page before you begin designing your Custom Motocross Pants.

Design Your Own AirFit Custom MX Pants
Laced Custom MX Pants
Laced Custom Black MX Pants
Daytona Custom MX Pants
Vice City MX Pants Front
Spring Break MX Pants
Contour Dark Motocross Pants
Contour MX Pant - White
Radiate MX Pant - Red
Radiate MX Pant - Cyan
Radiate Motocross Pants - Teal
LVL Motocross Pants - Red/Blue
LVL Motocross Pants - Gray/Orange
LVL Motocross Pants - Gray
Instinct Motocross Pants - Teal
Instinct Motocross Pants - Orange
Instinct Motocross Pants - Red
Kinetic Motocross Pants - Dark
Kinetic Motocross Pants - Light