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FAQ & HELP2018-09-02T17:00:24-07:00
No Fluorescent Colors2018-09-10T18:28:51-07:00

While our designer will let you choose fluorescent colors by picking a color outside of our color table, at this time we are unable to print any fluorescent color.

Logos we WILL NOT print!2018-08-29T16:57:00-07:00

We will not print the logos of any Energy Drink company or GoPro without written permission from the marketing manager of the company.

We will also not print any logos of other apparel or gear manufacturers.

How do we make your gear?2018-08-29T17:19:36-07:00

We proudly make all of our Jerseys and Tops in Southern California!

To complete your custom design, we use cut & sew all-over sublimation. First, we print out the design and then use a heat controlled press that makes the print go into and become part of the fabric. This leaves the fabric soft and breathable, unlike Heat Transfers, Direct-To-Garment printing, and Screenprinting that nearly all other Gear Companies use. Your design is then cut out of the fabric and sewn together, leaving you with a superior product that has no creases or smudges and will never fade.



You can find many logos for use in our designer > add artwork > logos, but if we do not have it there then check out these secure websites to download your vector logo that you can upload to your gear design.

No affiliation –

World Vector Logo

Brands of the World



Please read about logo use in our Terms Of Conditions,

Save a Design for Later2017-05-23T00:20:11-07:00

To save your design, you can simply press the (Buy) button on the bottom of the page and click (Finish). Once you’re on the shopping cart page, on the left side of the product located just under the trash can, there is an option to (Save Design). It will then ask to email you a URL link to your design that you can view at a later time. If the design is not touched for 2 weeks, it will be deleted. You can re-open the design and save it again to keep the design another 2 weeks until you’re happy with the end product if needed.

How to use Patterns2017-05-23T00:34:10-07:00

To select a pattern, open up the (Add Image) tab on the bottom left of the designer. You can then (Choose Artwork) and select the pattern option. Once a pattern has been selected, you first want to set the (Add To) option. You can select an individual section or the entire jersey. For the fit of the pattern, we mostly always will suggest using (AutoFit). You may also (Duplicate) the pattern on the sleeves if you don’t choose the same pattern for the entire product.

How to use Solid Colors2017-05-23T00:33:59-07:00

To use a solid color to match a pattern or design, you simply click the section of the product you wish to change. You can either use the eye drop tool to choose a color or drag it over the uploaded pattern/design to perfectly match the color code you’re looking for. Once you have chosen a color, you can also (Apply All) to quickly fill in the color of your choice. If the color you’re looking for is not seen, you can google any (HTML Color Code) and apply it to the designer to get exactly what you’re after.

Adding Logos2017-05-23T00:11:30-07:00

To add logos to your product, click the (Add Image) tab on the bottom left of the designer. Then (Choose Artwork) and select either a (Large or Small) logo depending on the placement of your choice. Once a logo has been chosen, you can then (Add To) whatever section of the product you choose and once again, select (None Fit) to proportion the size of the logos correctly. Once the logo is on the product, you can use the (Bottom Left Dial) to increase/decrease the of the logo, move the logo left/right/up/down and even slow down the movement by hitting the slow-mo button just on top of the arrows of the dial pad. You can also make sure the logo is centered by hitting the square tool on the top right of the page to ensure that it is centered. This will move the logo from where it has been placed, so please make sure once you have done this, you simply more up or down with the dial pad to sure it stays centered. If you want to rotate the logo or item selected, you can do so on the top left of the designer. The slow-mo button also works for the rotation tool as well. Once the logo is positioned, please check the right hand of the designer to ensure the quality of the photo/logo is in the green. Each item will have a red, orange, or green meter on the right side of it. If these are not with at least 1 green bar, we will not be responsible for the logo if the quality isn’t sufficient.

Uploading a Logo or Design2018-09-10T18:27:01-07:00

To upload a logo/design, click the bottom left of the designer where it says to (Add Image). Once the page is open, you can select on the bottom left of the pop-up window to (Upload Artwork). JPG, PNG, AI and PDF files can all be uploaded as long as they are over 200×200 pixels. When you upload a photo, it will first ask you to (Match DPI). Please make sure you choose this option. Once the file has been uploaded, you can simply select the (Add To) location of your choice, choose the fit option to the location of your choice. Once the logo is positioned, please check the right hand of the designer to ensure the quality of the photo/logo is in the green. Each item will have a red, orange, or green meter on the right side of it. If these are not with at least 1 green bar, we will not be responsible for the logo if the quality isn’t sufficient.

If you only have a small JPG or PNG for your logo, we recommend using or to convert them to a Vector image for free. We have no affiliation with either.

Adding Text2017-05-23T00:15:54-07:00

To (Add Text) click on the right-hand bottom of the designer. Once the menu opens, you will have the option to type the text desired and choose the location as well as one of the many fonts we have available inside our (Font) menu. For a (name) we suggest using (Font Size 35). For a (Number), we suggest sizes (110-120). You can change the color of the text as well as use the (Dial Pad) to reposition the text just like you can with a logo.

Design Pattern2017-05-23T00:17:32-07:00

The design (Pattern) is another way to completely customize your product. On the top left of the designer, there is a (Pattern) option. The (Pattern) option is unique to each piece because this allows you to design on the actual print template. You can add logos, patterns, gradients, shapes and text to these as well. Instead of using the dial pad so much, in this menu option, you can manually click and drag the item much easier. The best part of this feature is whatever changes made will also reflect when you click back over to the (Model) on the same top left of the designer. Here you can confirm the changes made on the (Pattern) menu and see what the end result will, in fact, look like.


The (Gradient) feature is something we really enjoy. A gradient is something that you can overlay on the jersey at any time and position it in many different ways to get the end result you’re looking for. To choose a gradient, click the bottom left option of the designer (Add Image) and (Choose Artwork). From here you select (Gradient) and choose from a large selection of different shades and gradient tones. Once a (Gradient) has been selected, you can then add to the specific part of the item chosen. Once again, we do select (Auto Fit) for gradients so they cover the entire item selected. If a (Gradient or Pattern) is over the top of a logo, you can simply slide your mouse to the right side of the screen where the (gradient) will be highlighted and push the small arrows on the (Gradient) chosen to move it up or down to go over or under the other items. This will either cover or uncover anything you choose.


Due to many contributing factors, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on our website will exactly match the colors of your gear.

Will you ship my order internationally?2017-08-21T16:58:40-07:00

Yes. We ship all international orders utilizing U.S. Air Mail. International Orders require a physical street address and phone number. We are required to provide a commercial invoice for all International Orders. Deliveries will not be made on Weekends or holidays. The shipping time for international Postal Air Mail orders usually takes 5 to 30 business days depending on the country of destination. Please check with your local post office or customs office if you have not yet received your package.

Please Note: International orders may also be required to pay additional duty fees depending on the country of destination. Please check with customs officials within your country. We are not responsible for any customs fees, nor can we accept a package (or have a package returned to the United States) that is stuck in customs.


When will I receive my order?2017-08-21T16:58:51-07:00

We expect your order to be shipped to you in approximately 3 – 5 weeks from the date of your order.

What credit cards do you take?2017-08-21T16:59:03-07:00

We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card for payment. Please submit accurate information; the billing address you enter must match the address your credit company has on file. Your order will not be processed without good credit card information.

More Questions2017-05-23T00:39:44-07:00

Please email us at if this how-to has not helped you with your design trouble. Thanks!