• Click and Drag the product, or use the rotate buttons on the right-hand side.

Working With Images

  • Once your artwork is uploaded, you can start manipulating it.
  • Use the image controller to move, scale, rotate, accelerate and decelerate the panning of the image over the product.

Image Controller

  • The first dropdown allows you to select individual components of the product where you want the image to be applied.

Location Menu

  • The Tools dropdown lets you flip the image and choose the fit over the product. Autofit scales a smaller image to wrap around the select components in the panels dropdown. Whereas fit height and fit width respectively scale the height and width of a small image to fit over the chosen panels.

Tools Menu

  • The Clone option simply makes another copy of the image. The image clone can be layered on to a previous image or applied to an entirely different component of the product. The difference between adding the same image again and using clone is that clone will retain any scale or rotation you have made to the image.