The (Gradient) feature is something we really enjoy. A gradient is something that you can overlay on the jersey at any time and position it in many different ways to get the end result you’re looking for. To choose a gradient, click the bottom left option of the designer (Add Image) and (Choose Artwork). From here you select (Gradient) and choose from a large selection of different shades and gradient tones. Once a (Gradient) has been selected, you can then add to the specific part of the item chosen. Once again, we do select (Auto Fit) for gradients so they cover the entire item selected. If a (Gradient or Pattern) is over the top of a logo, you can simply slide your mouse to the right side of the screen where the (gradient) will be highlighted and push the small arrows on the (Gradient) chosen to move it up or down to go over or under the other items. This will either cover or uncover anything you choose.