Patterns FAQ

For patterns, click on ARTWORK Artwork Icon > Patterns from the bottom left of the designer.

Once a pattern has been selected, you will see the design with 2 drop down menus below it. The top menu will let you select the location for the pattern. You can select an individual section (Front, Back, Left, Right) or the entire jersey (All). The bottom dropdown menu will let you select the FIt. We mostly always will suggest using AutoFit. Click Apply.

For adding a design for only both sleeves, first, choose either sleeve in the location menu. Next, choose AutoFit and press Apply. Now you will see 2 new dropdown menus. Select the top location menu and choose the other sleeve so that both sleeves are selected, then drop down the Tools menu and click AutoFit.

You can change the colors of any of the pattern after it has been added using the instructions above. If not already selected, select the IMAGE icon Image Icon, then select the pattern image. Now click on the paint bucket Color Change Icon and all the patterns colors will become available to change.