• Find many logos and designs already uploaded for use in our 3D designer by clicking on ARTWORK Artwork Icon.
  • To use your own, click on UPLOAD Upload Icon in the side menu bar, then select ADD IMAGE Add Image Icon.
  • Image files can be AI, SVG, PDF, JPG or PNG.
  • Images must have a maximum size of 30 MB and a minimum of 200×200 pixels per inch (PPI) in size. The recommended criterion for calculating image dimension is by estimating the size of the area of the product you’d like to fill (e.g. front of T-shirt) in inches*200dpi. You can also see the actual size required, in the image Uploader popup.
  • While uploading, you can also control the image fit, and image position on the product.

Upload Image Pop Up

  • Multiple images can be applied and layered over each individual component of the 3D model. Click on IMAGES Image Icon to see them layered in the order they are displayed, top down. When a layer is highlighted, you can use Adjust Layers Icon to change its layer order.