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  • Click and Drag the product, or use the rotate buttons on the right-hand side.

Working With Images

  • Once your artwork is uploaded, you can start manipulating it.
  • Use the image controller to move, scale, rotate, accelerate and decelerate the panning of the image over the product.

Image Controller

  • The first dropdown allows you to select individual components of the product where you want the image to be applied.

Location Menu

  • The Tools dropdown lets you flip the image and choose the fit over the product. Autofit scales a smaller image to wrap around the select components in the panels dropdown. Whereas fit height and fit width respectively scale the height and width of a small image to fit over the chosen panels.

Tools Menu

  • The Clone option simply makes another copy of the image. The image clone can be layered on to a previous image or applied to an entirely different component of the product. The difference between adding the same image again and using clone is that clone will retain any scale or rotation you have made to the image.

Logos we WILL NOT print!

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We will not print the logos of any Energy Drink company, GoPro, or other apparel/gear manufacturers without written permission from the marketing manager of the company. We have Alpinestars available for use, because so many people wear their boots, and not their gear. The A-Stars logos can only be used on the arms, and not the chest or back.

How to upload a logo or design

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  • Find many logos and designs already uploaded for use in our 3D designer by clicking on ARTWORK Artwork Icon.
  • To use your own, click on UPLOAD Upload Icon in the side menu bar, then select ADD IMAGE Add Image Icon.
  • Image files can be AI, SVG, PDF, JPG or PNG.
  • Images must have a maximum size of 30 MB and a minimum of 200×200 pixels per inch (PPI) in size. The recommended criterion for calculating image dimension is by estimating the size of the area of the product you’d like to fill (e.g. front of T-shirt) in inches*200dpi. You can also see the actual size required, in the image Uploader popup.
  • While uploading, you can also control the image fit, and image position on the product.

Upload Image Pop Up

  • Multiple images can be applied and layered over each individual component of the 3D model. Click on IMAGES Image Icon to see them layered in the order they are displayed, top down. When a layer is highlighted, you can use Adjust Layers Icon to change its layer order.


How to change Colors

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Color FAQ

Changing the color of your jersey is easy. Select the COLOR icon Color Icon in the top left. Choose the location then choose your color. You can also select Apply to All.

If the 30 color choices we have aren’t what you are looking for, and you know the color code you would like to use, click on ADVANCED and manually type in your color code. You can also use the ADVANCED feature to match the color of logos or images you have already uploaded. Just hover over the image/logo and select the color you would like to copy.

How to use Patterns

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Patterns FAQ

For patterns, click on ARTWORK Artwork Icon > Patterns from the bottom left of the designer.

Once a pattern has been selected, you will see the design with 2 drop down menus below it. The top menu will let you select the location for the pattern. You can select an individual section (Front, Back, Left, Right) or the entire jersey (All). The bottom dropdown menu will let you select the FIt. We mostly always will suggest using AutoFit. Click Apply.

For adding a design for only both sleeves, first, choose either sleeve in the location menu. Next, choose AutoFit and press Apply. Now you will see 2 new dropdown menus. Select the top location menu and choose the other sleeve so that both sleeves are selected, then drop down the Tools menu and click AutoFit.

You can change the colors of any of the pattern after it has been added using the instructions above. If not already selected, select the IMAGE icon Image Icon, then select the pattern image. Now click on the paint bucket Color Change Icon and all the patterns colors will become available to change.

Save a Design for Later

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To save your design, press the Add To Cart button on the bottom of the page and then click Finish. Once you’re on the shopping cart page, on the left side of the product located just under the trash can, click on the envelope to Save your design. It will then ask for your email to send a link to your design that you can view/edit at a later time. The design is only saved for 2 weeks and then will be deleted without your or our ability to recover it.

Adding Text

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To (Add Text) click on the right-hand bottom of the designer. Once the menu opens, you will have the option to type the text desired and choose the location as well as one of the many fonts we have available inside our (Font) menu. For a (name) we suggest using (Font Size 35). For a (Number), we suggest sizes (110-120). You can change the color of the text as well as use the (Dial Pad) to reposition the text just like you can with a logo.


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The (Gradient) feature is something we really enjoy. A gradient is something that you can overlay on the jersey at any time and position it in many different ways to get the end result you’re looking for. To choose a gradient, click the bottom left option of the designer (Add Image) and (Choose Artwork). From here you select (Gradient) and choose from a large selection of different shades and gradient tones. Once a (Gradient) has been selected, you can then add to the specific part of the item chosen. Once again, we do select (Auto Fit) for gradients so they cover the entire item selected. If a (Gradient or Pattern) is over the top of a logo, you can simply slide your mouse to the right side of the screen where the (gradient) will be highlighted and push the small arrows on the (Gradient) chosen to move it up or down to go over or under the other items. This will either cover or uncover anything you choose.