How-To Make Your Canvas MX Apparel

Help Designing Your Custom Jersey

Although our state-of-the-art 3D Designer is impressive, it doesn't demonstrate how your custom jersey looks when tucked in or how it appears when you're riding your bike.

Motocross can be a costly sport, and having sponsors can help lower the costs of the products that you need to compete. One of the most effective ways to make your sponsors happy is to give them maximum visibility, and your custom jersey is an excellent way to achieve that. When designing your custom motocross jersey, it's crucial to place sponsor logos in the appropriate locations to maximize their visibility. Here, we'll provide some tips on how to design a custom jersey that showcases your sponsors in the best light possible.

To assist you in visualizing the final product, we'll begin by displaying the gear in its printed layout, how it appears in our 3D Designer, and then how it looks when worn. When utilizing our 3D Designer on a desktop computer, you can view the 2D version of each panel by clicking on the small puzzle piece. Puzzle Piece There is no 2D version when using a mobile so I will also show what the design looks like on the 3D model.



One thing I often notice is that the primary logo on the front of the jersey is often placed too low. A suitable location for the logo is about midway between the bottom of the armpits and the top. Keep in mind that your handlebars will obstruct a significant portion of your front torso in photos.

Leib Front


Even though nothing is blocking your back, most riders tuck in their jerseys, resulting in a considerable portion of the lower back being concealed. Take a look at the 3D model photo above and compare it to what is visible on Leib's back below.

Leib 170 - Back


When designing your sleeves, logos on the forearms and the outside of your biceps are excellent choices. While we wanted the Canvas forearm logo to be large on this set, you can see that because it goes above the elbow bend that it isn't fully visible when riding. If your logo also goes too close to the wrist, it is common for your sleeve to bunch up a little while riding and also may cut down on the visibility. 

Leib Attack Mode

How to Change Colors

How to Remove the Canvas MX Logo to Add Another