Fitline - Solid Red Motocross Pants

/Solid Blue Motocross Pants

Solid Blue Motocross Pants


When you want some bold pants to match your custom jersey, try out our new and improved “Fitline” Solid Blue (Cyan) Motocross Pants.


Fitline Motocross Pants

Material: High-performance 800DN polyester.
Toothed safety lock on the waist.
Elasticity in joints for greater comfort.
3D rubber bands
Protections: waterproof and fireproof leather on knees.
Ventilated internal lining.
Adjustable straps for better grip at the waist.

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Kids 6, Kids 8-10, Kids 12-14, 28-30 waist, 32-34 waist, 36-38 waist, 40-42 waist, 44-45 waist

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