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Whip off at Monster Energy Cup

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The year coming to an end that only meant one thing, the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada was upon us. With last years Best Whip winner Tom Parsons on the injured list and asked to judge, we knew this year was going to be one for the books. Kris Foster, Vicki Golden, and new recruit Derek Beckering all mixed into a lineup of heavy hitters.



This year the format was a little different. Qualifying was outside on the pavement and semis along with finals were inside under the stadium lights. Qualifying went off as everyone went absolutely huge. Kris qualifying 3rd, Derek in 6th, and Vicki just below the qualifying spot. As the sun was dropping, stadium lights clicking on, and racing taking place. It was time for the semi-qualifiers to take place. Kris and Derek both went off throwing huge seat bounce whips and turn downs. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough, both barely missed making it into top three and into the finals. This event seems to be getting better and better each year. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. Click photos to go big!




Will Ride For Beer

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Lets be honest, a lot of us would agree to that. Some free beer and getting to moto. That just sounds too good to be true. When Vicki told us she wanted to freshen up her kit with something a little bit more outside of the box. We knew it was going to be good. VG and her designers at Fable Riders got to work and came up with this masterpiece. The raddest part of this is the beer in the background of the gear is actually a real photo of a frothy beer. The options are endless, this being a great example with what we can do on making one off custom gear.


Hit the link below to grab yourself some of Vicki’s signature beer gear. Add your logos and make it your own.




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